Movable CurbStone Machine

The movable curbstone machine KAD1200 is capable to produce curbstone , canivo ,gutters up to 50 cm height .It is notable that there is no limit for the height of produced curbstones .This single task system is used for producing curb stone , canivo and gutter .If the customer needs to produce block , It is presentable to install block producer.

Mobile Block Making Machine KAD1400

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Hydraulic Movable KerbStone Machine KAD1200

Movable CurbStone Machine, Movable kerbstone machine

Hydraulic Movable Kerb Stone Machine KAD1100

Movable CurbStone Machine, Movable Kerb Stone Machine, Movable kerbstone machine

Fully Automatic CurbStone Making Machine TP.RN2530

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